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Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska



Phone / Email / Fax

Main Receptionist Toll Free: 800.344.1432
Phone: 907.586.1432
CARES Act Need-Based Programs Phone: 907.463.7788

Business & Economic Development

Phone: 907.463.7107
Email: deptbed@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 888.322.6407

Child Care

Public Closure Sign

Phone: 907.463.7140

Email: deptcc@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 907.885.0034

Cultural Heritage & Education

Distance Education, Johnson O’Malley, Language & VTRC:
Phone: 907.463.7145 or 907.463.7375
Email: vdemmert@ccthita-nsn.gov or kstaveland@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 888.762.5592

Higher Education:

Phone: 907.463.7329

Email: cvazquez@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 888.965.9102


Phone: 907.463.7752

Email: khoyle@ccthita-nsn.gov

Employment & Training:

Phone: 907.463.7332 or 907.463.7333
Email: 477juneauet@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 877.333.3449

Head Start

Public Closure Sign

Phone: 907.463.7127
Email: depthds@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 877.389.7796

Native Lands & Resources (NLR):

Phone: 907.463.7186
Email: deptnlr@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 907.885.0065

Program Compliance

Phone: 907.463.7146 / 907.463.7144
Email: enrollment@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 907.885.0052

Public Safety

Phone: 907.463.7738
Email: jwilson@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 888.520.6722
Reentry & Recovery Phone: 907.463.7365
Email: reentry&recovery@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 888.520.6722

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • Ketchikan Office
    Phone: 907.225.2033
  • Sitka Office
    Phone: 907.747.3790

Public Quarantine Sign

Juneau TANF
Phone: 907.463.7158

Email: jchapman@ccthita-nsn.gov
Fax: 907.885.0038

Tribal Child Support Unit

Public Closure Sign

Phone: 907.463.7132
Email: cnore@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 907.375.2956

Tribal Court

Public Closure Plan

Administrative Order 20-01

Phone: 907.463.7165

Email: cclerk@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 866.532.3558

Tribal Family & Youth Services (TFYS):

Phone: 907.463.7169

Email: tfys@ccthita-nsn.gov

Elderly Services: tfysmail@ccthita-nsn.gov

ICWA: icwamail@ccthita-nsn.gov

Tribal Transportation

Phone: 907.463.7763
Email: jhawkins@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 888.224.5340

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR)

Phone: 907.463.7393
Email: Dnauska@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 877.560.3927




Phone / Email / Fax

Office of the President

Phone: 907.463.7142
Email: deptfob@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 888.335.8981

Tribal Operations

Phone: 907.463.7124
Email: TribalOperations@ccthita-nsn.gov

Fax: 888.493.5169

Human Resources Phone: 907.463.7708



Andrew Hope Building

320 W. Willoughby Ave., Suite 300, Juneau AK 99801

Business & Economic Development, Elderly Services, 477 Employment & Training (EA/GA, Training Services, YES), Human Resources, Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), Preserving Native Families, Program Compliance (Enrollment), Reentry & Recovery, Tribal Child Support Unit, Tribal Court, Tribal Family & Youth Services, Tribal Transportation, and Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation

Edward K. Thomas Building

9097 Glacier Highway, Juneau AK 99801

Office of the President, Finance, Native Lands & Resources, and Tribal Operations

First Bank Building (477 Child Care & 477 TANF)

3075 Vintage Blvd., Juneau AK 99801

477 TANF, 477 Child Care, and Distance Education Computer Lab

Southeast General Contractors Building

2631 Channel Drive, Juneau AK 99801

Communications, KIRA Global Services, Property Management, Self Governance, Southeast General Contractors

Tribal Emergency Operations Center Building

5750 Concrete Way, Juneau AK 99801

Public Safety, Tribal Emergency Operations Center, Sacred Shine Auto Detailing

Vocational Training & Resource Center

3239 Hospital Drive, Juneau AK 99801

Cultural Heritage & Education, Computer Classrooms,

Haa Yóo X̱ʼatángi Kúdi Language Immersion Nest, Higher Education, Johnson O'Malley (JOM), and Navigators

William G. Demmert Head Start Center

Head Start Administration and Taashuka I & II Classrooms
Physical: 9095 Glacier Highway, Juneau AK 99801
Mailing: 9097 Glacier Highway, Juneau AK 99801

If you have a general inquiry that cannot be answered by contacting our administration or program services directly, please provide your question along with your name, email address, and phone number below and our staff will be happy to respond.

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