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Executive Council - Meetings

Executive Council meetings shall be conducted in-person or telephonically by agreement of an affirmative majority of the Executive Council. All meetings will be scheduled at the call of the chair and designed to maximize participation of all members of the Executive Council.

2018 Executive Council Meeting Schedule

  • January 24: Teleconference
  • February 22-23: Juneau, AK
  • March (TBD): Teleconference
  • April 16-17: Juneau, AK
  • May (TBD): Teleconference
  • June (TBD): Juneau, AK
  • July (TBD): Teleconference
  • August (TBD): Juneau, AK
  • September (TBD): Teleconference
  • November (TBD): Teleconference
  • December (TBD): Teleconference

For more information on Executive Council meetings, please contact:

Office of the President
Toll Free: 800.344.1432 ext. 7142 | Local: 907.463.7142 | Fax: 888.335.8981