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Adulting 101 Course

Program Dates: July 12 - September 13, 2021

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Adulting is hard! Don’t worry though…Tlingit & Haida’s Navigators program is here to help! The Adulting 101 course is designed to give youth the tools needed to start navigating adulthood. Course topics include money management, time management, interviewing skills, résumé development, how to look and apply for housing, exploring secondary education options, and skills to manage your mental health. If you are between the ages of 16-24, sign up today and don’t miss this great learning opportunity!

Door prize drawings will be held at the end of each class and participants who attend all weekly classes will be entered into the grand prize drawing for an iPad Pro with accessories!

For more information on the Adulting Course or Navigators program, call 907.463.7752 or email Navigators@ccthita-nsn.gov.

Summer Youth Employability Service Program

Program Dates: June 14 - August 13, 2021

Registration Deadline: Noon on June 11, 2021

Register Now: Click Here


Registration is now open for Tlingit & Haida’s summer Youth Employability Services (YES) program! Although tribal citizen youth will not have direct employment opportunities this year, our 477 Employment & Training department is still committed to helping them sharpen their job skills development.

The summer YES program's theme for this year is "Writing My Narrative" and will run June 14th - August 13th. The program is available to tribal youth who are 14-24 years of age and meet eligibility requirements.

This year, youth will participate in Zoom webinar sessions held twice a week based on their selected program track and will work in small teams to complete a program project related to employability. Track options include Leadership Development (VisionSTARS), Lifeskills & Budgeting (MazeMASTERS) and Build-a-Business (BusinessBUILDERS): 


Track A: Leadership Development (VisionSTARS)

This track is designed to provide participants an opportunity to learn about and develop leadership skills through group participation and a community service project. Teams will decide on their community service project and will present what they learned and accomplished in their project presentation at the end of the summer program.

Track B: Life Skills & Budgeting (MazeMASTERS)

This track is designed to provide participants an opportunity to experience having a job and budgeting (paying bills and expenses) and dealing with life challenges like being laid off or having a baby. Students will make a presentation on what they learned about having a job and living on a budget at the end of the summer program.

Track C: Build-a-Business (BusinessBUILDERS)

This track is designed to provide participants an opportunity to build an imaginary (or real if they want to) business. Business teams will write an executive summary for a business plan, create a sales and marketing strategy and budget needs (and resources) for their business. Students will make a “Shark Tank” type presentation at the end of the summer program. 


For more information, contact the 477 Employment & Training department at 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7333 or 477juneauet@ccthita-nsn.gov.

Fatherhood is Sacred® Session

Dates: Thursday (May 13 – July 29, 2021)

Times: 5:30 – 8:00 PM
Where: Virtual Via Zoom

The Fatherhood is Sacred® program invites all fathers (married, widowed, single, divorced) to participate in their next 12-week program beginning on May 13, 2021. The program brings fathers together to participate in fun activities that focus on the sacredness of being a father, and the importance of Alaska Native/Native American heritage and how it applies to each father in the past, present and future. There is no role in life more important than being a parent...If you are a father and looking for guided discussions with other fathers on parenting, join the Fatherhood is Sacred® program!

For more information or to register, please contact Adam Arca at aarca@ccthita-nsn.gov or 907.463.7710.

#Tongass Time

Date: Wednesdays (Jan. 13 - TBD)

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (AKST)
Location: Virtual Zoom

Connect via Zoom Webinar: Click Here

Southeast Alaska Youth - Don't miss our next session of #TongassTime on January 13! All Youth are invited to participate at 11AM for an hour of distracting entertainment!

#TongassTime is sponsored by Tlingit & Haida's Navigators program, Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition, AWARE, and Tlingit & Haida's Youth Healing to Wellness Court and Tribal Family & Youth Services department.

For more information, call 907.463.7752 or email Navigators@ccthita-nsn.gov.


Lunchtime Chats with Tlingit & Haida (Topic: Tribal Enterprises)

Date: May 27, 2021

Time: Noon – 1 PM (AKST)
Location: Facebook

Join us during the lunch hour for our Lunchtime Chats with Tlingit & Haida! Lunchtime Chats are hosted by President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson every other Thursday on Tlingit & Haida’s Facebook page as an opportunity to share information with tribal citizens on Tlingit & Haida’s recent and upcoming activities, programs and services. Each Lunchtime Chat session will include a Q&A period and close with a random door prize drawing. If you are unable to join us online, each session will be recorded and posted to Tlingit & Haida’s YouTube channel.

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