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Alaway Avenue Non-congregate Sheltering Project Overview

This is a project in development. The Alaway Avenue non-congregate sheltering project will be open to previously incarcerated Native and non-Native individuals seeking supportive housing, training, resources and employment assistance upon their transition into the community. This is not a half-way house. Citizens will not be mandated to the program, rather, residents will be chosen through a competitive application process. Interested participants will work with program staff and/or their institutional probation officer to apply.

After the development phase, this program will address:

  1. The lack of safe, stable, sober and structured non-congregate sheltering and employment opportunities for men returning from incarceration.
  2. The value of community-supported and culture-based reentry pathways.
  3. The need for peer support and guidance to assist returning citizens in successful reentry.
  4. The specific recovery needs of those involved with the justice system in order to reduce recidivism.
  5. The Covid-19 mitigation effects of keeping those returning from incarceration out of congregate housing.

Eligibility Requirements (Those with sex offenses are not eligible for the program.)

Program admittance decisions will be made on criteria pre-determined by Tlingit & Haida. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Treatment needs and availability
  • Meeting release criteria
  • At a minimum, having no High or Moderate infractions in the six (6) months prior to non-congregate sheltering placement
  • Fully completed application, written essay, non-congregate sheltering interview and DOC recommendation

Non-Congregate Sheltering and Staffing

The property located at 6205 Glacier Highway in Juneau, Alaska has been identified for the project. Tlingit & Haida plans to repurpose and improve the existing structure, enhancing it with a combination of traditional tribal design elements and an updated aesthetic. This non-congregate sheltering will house up to 16 male residents for up to two (2) years. The location will also provide office space for the Reentry & Recovery department staff, onsite housing for a resident manager, a family room for the residents to work towards family reunification, and space for cultural and educational programming.

Project Updates

  • CBJ Virtual Neighborhood Meeting July 23, 2020
  • CBJ Planning Commission Meeting August 11, 2020
  • Construction Currently Underway

For more information, please contact Reentry & Recovery:

Toll Free: 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7365 | Direct: 907.463.7365 | Fax: 888.520.6722

Email: reentry&recovery@ccthita-nsn.gov

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