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Site Credits

Web Design and Development

The web site design was produced by Tlingit & Haida and Out of Web Site! - Web Design Seattle. The development of the web site with CSS style sheets and a Content Management System (CMS) was also built by Out of Web Site!.

Thank You

A special Thank You to the following people who allowed Central Council to use their image and/or Native Art in the design of this web site:

Tribal Members Pictured:

  • Tyler Frisby and Melissa Kookesh are pictured on the Home page header. Tyler is Tlingit, Yup'ik, Haida and Athabascan; his Tlingit name is Kukéish. Melissa is Tlingit and Athabaskan; her Tlingit name is X'eetoow.
  • Selina Kokotovich is pictured on the News & Events page header. She is Tlingit of the Yéil moiety, Ľuknax.sháa clan. Her Father's clan is Dák ľaweidĺ; her grandparents clans are Dák ľaweidĺ and Ľuknax.sháa.

Native Art and Historical Objects Pictured:

  • Bentwood Boxes carved by tribal member George Bennett of Sitka, Alaska.
  • Baskets woven by Koyukon Athabaskan Lena Woods of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.
  • Chilkat Robe woven by the late Tlingit artist Jennie Thlunaut, courtesy of Marlee Isturis.
  • Historical objects were repatriated by Central Council's Native Lands & Resources Department from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • Eagle Headdress courtesy of Arnold Booth of Metlakatla, Alaska.
  • Drums courtesy of tribal member Leslie Isturis of Juneau, Alaska.
  • Commissioned Art: Feather, Raven, and Eagle were designed by tribal member Lance Twitchell of the Tlingit, Haida, and Yup'ik nations. Lance's Tlingit names are X'unei and Du Aaní Kawdinook. He is Lukaax.ádi. His Haida name is
    K'eijáakw, and he is Double Eagle. He is a child of the Kaagwaantaan and a grandchild of the Dakl'aweidí.