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2022 Delegate Elections - Target Dates


By 11/1/21



Appoint Election Official (Rule 4.1.A)

Local Election Official shall be free of conflict of interest. Any issue regarding nepotism should be addressed by the Local Community Council by November 1.


By 12/1/21




Election Official Appointed by Progam Compliance (Rule 4.1.B.1)

If the Local Community Council, for any reason, is not able to appoint a Local Election Official, Program Compliance is authorized to make alternate arrangements for the election by December 1.


By 1/1/22





Resignation of Election Official (Rule 4.1.B.2)

A Local Election Official who wants to be a candidate for Delegate must resign by January 1 to be eligible. If the Election Official has not resigned from duty by January 1 and received votes as a write-in candidate he or she will not be qualified to serve as a Delegate regardless of the number of votes received.





Selection of Election Process (Rule 4.2.A)

Local Community Council to notify Tlingit & Haida of the process they will be using for the election either by absentee ballots or electronic voting by COB on the first Thursday of December.





Post Official Voting List (Rule 6.1.A.B.C.D.E.F)

The Local Election Official of each Community shall post the alphabetical list provided by Tlingit & Haida of all persons eligible to vote in that Community no later than December 11 of the year prior to the election. The Official Voting List for each Community shall be posted at the following locations (in descending order of priority):

  • Local tribal government office building;
  • ANB/ANS Hall;
  • Other locations frequented by Tlingit & Haida citizens (in the opinion of the Local Election Official);
  • On the Internet (Facebook, local community websites, etc.);

The Election Official must inform Program Compliance Office of the posting locations. Tribal citizens living outside the community of their enrollment may check with Program Compliance to verify they are or are not on the list of that community.

No Date Specified


Challenge Voting List (Rule 6.2)

The Official Voting List shall be open to inspection by local tribal citizenship, and any person eligible to appear thereon may challenge the inclusion or exclusion of the name of any person on the Official Voting List of the Community by Program Compliance.




Notice of Enrollment (Rule 7.1.A.B.C)

The Local Election Official of each Community shall arrange to publish by November 15 a notice setting forth:

  • Enrollment requirements for voting;
  • The period of enrollment;
  • The location of where the enrollment applications and change of address forms can be accessed.




Notice of Election (Rule 7.2.A.B.C.D.E)

The Local Election Official of each Community shall arrange to publish by February 1 a notice setting forth:

  • The date of election;
  • The Declaration of Intent to Serve form and the deadline date for timely submission;
  • The procedures to be followed for voting by absentee or electronically;
  • A statement providing that “A complete list of nominated candidates will be published by February 12.”
  • A statement providing the “Ballot information will be mailed by February 18”.



Declaration of Intent to Serve Available (Rule 7.3.A.B.C.D)

The Local Election Official of each Community shall publish the Declaration of Intent to Serve Form and provide it to any eligible tribal citizen wishing to be a candidate for Delegate.

  • Immediately after January 1 of an Election year.
  • Available at a meeting for nominations;
  • Available from the Tlingit & Haida Program Compliance Office if not available locally;
  • Available on the Tlingit & Haida Website.

As of December 22


Apportionment Of Delegates (Rule 3.2)

The lists as of December 22 of the year preceding an election year shall be the final list upon which the number of Delegates per community shall be determined.

No Date Specified


Appointment of Local Election Officials by Program Compliance (Rule 4.1.B.3)

For communities that do not have an active Community Council, Tlingit & Haida will locate and appoint a Local Election Official.




Nominations (Rule 8.2.A)

Subject to the provisions of these Rules and the Constitution and any applicable Resolutions of the Tlingit & Haida, the nomination of candidates procedures for the Office of Delegate from each community shall be conducted between January 15 through February 5. 



Hold Delegate Elections (Article V.1, Constitution)

General elections of Delegates to the Tribal Assembly of Tlingit & Haida shall be held every even-numbered year on the third Thursday in March.



Absentee Voting (Rule 9.3)

Ballots must be returned in time to be counted along with the other ballots by Close of Business on Election Day.

COB 3/18/22


Submit Delegate Election Report (Rule 11.1)

Tlingit & Haida will post results on its official Website and Facebook page or similar social network(s) as soon as the results are known or no later than the close of business the following workday.

COB 3/21/22


Challenge Delegate Election (Rule 13.1.A.B.C)

Any candidate for Delegate may challenge the election results of their community.

  • By written notice with the President of the Tlingit & Haida and/or the Chairman of the duly constituted Election Committee of Tlingit & Haida.
  • No later than 4:30 p.m. on the Monday following a Delegate election.
  • Clearly stating his grounds for the challenge and substantiating evidence in reference to the specific rules allegedly violated.



Challenge Delegate Election (Rule 13.2)

The President of Tlingit & Haida shall appoint a Elections Challenge Committee no later than Tuesday following the election.


If you have questions or are interested in learning more about Delegate Elections, please contact Program Compliance at 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7359 or 907.463.7359.

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