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Tax Preparation & Financial Management

In partnership with a regional non-profit, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Taxpayer Advocate Service of Alaska, the Business & Economic Development Department provides:

  • Free Tax Assistance by Mail and Outreach
  • Free Tax Problem Resolution
  • Free Tax Education

Teams of IRS-certified volunteers travel to several communities each tax season from January to April, where they prepare and file personal income tax returns and conduct educational presentations. Selection of communities for the outreach effort depends on weather and availability of funding.

Other Southeast Alaska residents have an option of filing their taxes by mail. Tax problem resolution services are provided free of charge. When necessary, amended tax returns and tax returns for prior years can be prepared to resolve a controversy with the IRS.

Personal financial management training is aimed at helping individuals and families better manage their personal finances. Number of training sessions depends on availability of funding.

Eligibility Requirements

For more information please contact Business & Economic Development:
Toll Free: 1.800.344.1432 #7147 | Local: 907.463.7147 | Fax: 888.322.6407